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Workout Resources

Disclaimer: There is no substitute for medical advice.  Please consult with your doctor or a trained medical professional before commencing a training regimen or exercise program.

I am a certified ACSM personal trainer and certified Spinning/Madd Dogg cycling instructor.

Triathlon Help For The First Time:

  • Get a coach.  However, this can be a really long, tedious process and you might not have the money or the time to do so.
  • Join a triathlon group or class or club.  Less expensive, social and helpful.
  • Beginner Triathlete: Easily the most comprehensive place to start– training plans available.
  • Swim Bike Mom She swims, she bikes, she runs.  She started with a blog and is building an empire for regular Janes doing triathlon.  There’s a book too.
  • OK, I know other triathletes may bag on this, but I find the articles from to be pretty helpful sometimes, so whatever to everyone else!
  • has a plan for never-done-nothing to sprint triathlon right here— plus many other goodies on their website!

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