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my friend, the trainer

Have you met my friend?  The trainer.  This trainer is my new BFF in terms of time efficiency and overall enjoyment.  You mean I get to work out AND watch Grey’s Anatomy or Biggest Loser or Parks and Rec? Um, check.   Or I can even consider myself hard core and do a DVD of biking, which is actually cooler than it sounds?  I know, I know, but if you think you wouldn’t push yourself on a bike while watching a soap opera, then you might respond better to a DVD, all of which I obtained from my library (and I mean through inter-library loan, so don’t even make excuses if you live in a remote area!).

trainer photo

btw, not a fan of photo editing from my iPhone. Also not a fan of that half-eaten PowerBar, whose origin date is unknown.

Yup, all that Kleenex is mine.  I think I will take advantage of blowing my snot into perfectly good Kleenex for now, since I am certain I have at least 6 months of farmer’s blow ahead of me.  And, I actually had a sinus infection, so if it seems excessive, it probably is.

I love my trainer because I go into my own home basement and I actually think, “What am I forgetting?” but the truth is that I am not forgetting anything because socks are all I need (I keep my shoes on the shelf down there!).  If I want water, I go and get it.  It’s really quite ingenious.  Now, if I could get a treadmill down there, I might not ever leave.


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