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Home sweet home

Well, we are (FINALLY) home at last.  18 days on the road and I can say with clarity that it was one of the dumbest ideas I have ever had.  I mean, I guess I was due for a dumb idea, but really?

Now, I know that there are cool, laid-back people who probably think nothing of putting their kids and their worldly possessions in the car for 18 (or many more) days and hitting the open road.  I, apparently, am not one of those cool, laid-back people.  To all of my friends who raised an eyebrow when I was extolling the virtues of a good, old-fashioned car camping trip, I have to say:  Why didn’t you smack me upside the head?

My routine-loving children at the start of the trip.

I like showers.  I like beds.  I like routines.  I like my food that I like to eat at a certain time and in a certain way.  So do my children.  My oldest child might be returning to normal after a complete plunge into feral behavior.  She wasn’t even speaking words by Saturday evening.  I have to give my biggest thank you to our friends who looked the other way when she was acting like a rabid dog and antagonizing the crap out of their children.  And don’t let me forget about the dog…I’ll get to him later.

My favorite signs included this one, the sign for the home of split pea soup, and the Obama Jerky stand.

But for all our Griswoldian moments, including the one where the squirrel ran into our tent while Sarah was inside (SQUIRREL!), I have to say that this trip was what my mother would call “character building”.  We had to move outside our comfort zone.  A LOT.  And that’s good for everyone.  Even the children.  And sometimes moving outside your comfort zone rewards you with good things.  My husband made me get on my bike in a new place many times on this trip.  It was good for me to ride on new routes, new surfaces, and with different conditions, including the squirrel that I crushed with my rear tire on my special Mother’s Day ride.  Honestly, I swerved to avoid him, but he changed direction, and I am just not that talented on 2 wheels.  Sorry little buddy.

Fun at our friends’ Free Range Farm Camp for Kids. I told them to market it.

 There were ups and downs and ups again.  And after some yelling or crying about this or that, we (usually) laughed.  And laughed a lot.  Even after an exhausting day out at the Ranch Creek aid station for the Silver State 50/50.  Even after waiting for my husband to come in and watching the clock tick minutes away thinking I might combust with irritation or throw myself in the nearby pond.  Still, we laughed a lot after that day.  Times like these give me perspective and build strength on the inside.

Ranch Creek Aid Station, Silver State 50/50

Getting back to the dog…Sunday morning I get a phone call before we left Nevada from my sister telling me that my a-hole dog Rocky, whom she had been diligently taking care of for 3 weeks, had eaten my nephew’s parakeets.  And by eaten, I mean stalked until no one noticed what he was up to and tore open the cage.  I cried.  It’s OK if you laughed- most people whom I told did.

Anyways, it’s good to be home. I think I have had enough character building for a while.  I think I am going to work on being a cool, laid-back person.  Ha!


Here we go!

We made it!

To the end of the semester and the ski season, that is…and now it’s vacation time!  The hubby and I dreamed up a ridiculous 18 day road trip with the kiddos, and we leave tomorrow.  Of course, everyone is sick and the house is a mess, but it wouldn’t be an adventure if there was no challenge, right?

The Land Yacht, aka the Suburban we bought in February, is not apparently large enough to fit all of our stuff.  (For the record, I wanted a Wagon Queen Family Truckster, but those are a little harder to come by).  The hubs last night told me that we definitely needed to add the roof box to the top of the behemoth monster that we drive.  And we just got a bike rack last week. Every time he accelerates, I start counting, “One dollar, two dollars, three…”

The land yacht

My top choice was rejected.

Hopefully, it will be our trusty steed (and home) for the next couple of weeks.  And it’s the official crew vehicle, since I will be doing the IronGirl Lake Las Vegas triathlon (I know! So exciting!) this weekend and Taylor will wrap up our trip at the Silver State 50 near Reno in a couple of weeks.  I think the jury is still out on whether or not we are warping our children by designing vacations pretty exclusively around racing.  Trainer Guy thinks we are being “good role models”, while I think that someday they may rebel and become coach potatoes.

Since I have contracted the Black Lung from my children earlier this week, I tried to hold a pity party for myself about my potential race performance.  Trainer Guy and my husband both told me to get over it, so instead I am focusing on the important things, like these cool, new speed laces that match my shoes exactly:

It’s the little things that excite me.

And the super fancy sleeveless wetsuit Christine let me borrow.  I wore it this morning to swim practice.  It’s pretty awesomely buoyant.  And, it is easy to take off, which has been my #1 fear going into this race, since it took me about 27 minutes to take off my full-sleeve wetsuit at Highline Lake a couple of weeks ago.

It looks even cooler right side out.

 So, no matter what happens or how I feel, I am VERY excited to go and see the spectacle that is a 700-woman triathlon event, even if I fall down taking off my wetsuit in T1, or get a flat tire, or win (hahahaha).  Because after that our road trip consists of seeing family and friends, camping along the coast in California, going to Yosemite, and being in and around Lake Tahoe.  So hit me up with suggestions— for my race, for sights to visit, if I can use your washing machine, or something like that!  I’ll send pics!  🙂

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