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The confessional begins…

So this blog is named treadmill confessional after a weekly exercise I am forced to complete while sweating and panting on the treadmill while my trainer sits there and checks his nails for dirt while increasing the incline and asking probing questions.  I think it’s pretty appropriate since I know that he was a Catholic school boy and probably dreaded confessional time as much as I dread it now.

I am an overweight mom of 2 who likes to imagine herself as an athlete one day, as soon as she gets rid of her muffin top and learns how to run without knocking her feet together (something I have been told will correct itself if I just keep increasing the incline).  This blog is about my journey through weight loss and towards awesome-ness, and while I have to be “positive” and “focused” in my workouts, I get to be snarky here.   So the confessional begins…the good, the bad, and the ugly.


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