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a runner or just running?

Hello.  It’s me again.

Luckily for all involved, I got a little call out tonight on my lack of consistent blogging on this site.  I LOVE to blog, but life has its way of just beating the things you love into looking like chores, doesn’t it?  Which is pretty much what life has been doing lately, which makes me grumpy and not-so-nice words come out of my mouth with alarming frequency.  And my mother told me that if I didn’t have anything nice to say, I just shouldn’t say anything at all.  So I haven’t.

But I have been thinking, because it’s something I rarely stop doing (yikes).  And the other day, I brought the girls to soccer practice and was talking to another mom.  A runner who is a mom, and many other things as well, who is always supremely nice and invites me to run, to which I always reply, “Oh, thank you, but I am not a runner.”  Which, once I said it again on Wednesday, got me to thinking.

What makes someone a runner?  I always say that I am not a runner.  But I run.  Sometimes more than twice a week.  Like not fast, but not terribly slow.  Not short, but not insanely far like Mr. Prepared and his crew of fellow asylum escapees who find joy in encountering rattlesnakes in the dark at mile…60…70…who’s counting?!

Early on in a race.  Still looking good.  Courtesy: Micheline Fairbank

Early on in a race. Still looking good. Both of us, that is. Courtesy: Micheline Fairbank

I run on the trail, on the road, on the treadmill, like other runners.  So maybe I could be a runner.  And how would that change my perception of my running?  I always feel like I need to have this depth of background knowledge about being anything before I can say “I am a…”.  I mean, I know I am a teacher or a swimmer.  I have plenty of experience and training to call myself either of those things.  So, when does a person have enough knowledge or experience to call one’s self a runner?

And I’m not saying that I have a need to define myself.  My question is primarily whether or not defining myself that way would change anything about my running.  Would I be more confident?  Would I know when to empty the tank better, or when to hold off?  How much running does a person need to think, “I am a runner”?  Because I sure would like to.

And then, I would like to get started on the idea of being a BIKER.  😉


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