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solving first-world white girl problems

Holy smokes, it’s October!

Where has all this time gone?  A friend set me straight last week and told me it sounded like I was spending some time solving “first world white girl problems”.  Which is true.  I was lamenting a lack of storage in my master bathroom.  I’m truly not even fit for a proper job search- mostly I just hustle around throwing my mental and physical power at any situation that grabs my attention until I become bored with it 10-30 minutes later.  I am wondering why I agreed that I would paint all the trim in the new house white.  That is going to take some serious mental focus.

When Sarah’s kindergarten teacher wanted the kids to really pay attention, she called for “ultimate focus!”.  I think I am probably lacking a bit of ultimate (or even sustained) focus at this point.  But the good news is, I am doing a LOT of things.  Which is generally my MO.  Not a lot of working out, for those of you follow my blog because it popped up in some blog reel under the “running” or “triathlon” category.  You folks can just stop reading now, because there isn’t a lot (just a tiny bit below!) of news about working out or triathlon or any of those things.  But Mom and Dad, you can keep reading… 😉

The House Purchase from Hell is over, and I just want to say one thing about that.  I promise to NEVER buy another house again.  Until the next time.  Now it’s on to repeated episodes of How Did We Miss That One?  as in, how did I miss that the dishwasher was virtually unusable?  Or how did I miss that one of the bathrooms lacked a shower?  So I am staying pretty busy solving these first world white girl problems 1/3 at a time-  first I solve one about 33% of the way, then I move on to another one and do about 33%, you get the picture.

Yup.  That's a wallpapered switchplate on wallpaper.  Haven't even tackled that one.

Yup. That’s a wallpapered switchplate on wallpaper. Haven’t even tackled that one. And no, that’s not my fake wine bottle next to it. I swear.

Also, 4 weeks ago, I started a personal trainer certification class at a local junior college.  I mentioned all the reasons why I thought this would be a good fit for me in a previous post, yet I am super nervous about actually starting to do this as a job.  I think one reason is because I am out of my safety net of people and connections that I had in Colorado, which would make starting a job/business like that easier.  However, there are a lot more opportunities out here with a lot more gyms, recreation centers, etc., so I feel hopeful that I can excel and find a place to work.  My instructor is awesome, and that makes me feel a lot more confident about my skills going forward.  Whether I end up back in the classroom will remain to be seen.  I haven’t thrown much effort into looking for a teaching job, but there are a lot of post-secondary institutions in the metro area.  I waver between feeling super passionate about personal training or teaching fitness classes and feeling ridiculous at starting something new that is really in an industry driven by younger people.  I’m not the oldest person in my class, but I am not the median age either.  And it’s humbling.  I won’t use embarrassing, but we practiced girth measurements last week, and my lab partner’s waist measurement was smaller than mine.  And he’s a pretty average size dude.  So it’s probably time to step away from the frozen custard stands, if you’re picking up what I am putting down here.

And for those of you who hung in long enough despite the fact that all this has nothing to do with triathlon (although triathlon itself is seen by many to be a first world white girl problem), I did get my invitation this week to compete in USA Triathlon Age Group Championships in Milwaukee next summer!  YAY!

woo hoo!

woo hoo!

Now I just gotta make a plan.  And then I need to start the plan.  And then I will be TOTALLY into the plan until another shiny object that looks cooler comes by.  Cuz that’s how I roll these days.


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