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what is the offseason?

Tuesday I found myself with 3 strangers on a pickleball court playing a game I had never even seen before. I know what you’re thinking…wait, no I don’t. Ok, you’re either thinking:

1. Damn, the offseason has gone to her head. 


2. I LOVE PICKLEBALL! Where do you play because my courts are always crowded and…


Dude, pickleball is fun. OK, it’s pretty fun but probably would be more fun if I wore my glasses. Point being, I love to PLAY. New sports, new activities, I do them ALL. Well, most of them. I haven’t done Zumba, but I am pretty sure I would like it. I joke that I have exercise ADD. I joke with my strength training class that it is perfectly acceptable to break out into “spontaneous planks” at any time. They laugh. I tell them that pretty much all I do right now is spontaneous exercise, which is TRUE. I spontaneously did kickboxing a couple of days ago, then there is the pickleball, water aerobics, a squats race during TV commercials, you know, the usual. 😉

Right? It is the usual for us to keep on moving, yes? Try new things, yes? I find so much joy in moving my body in new  and potentially awkward ways. It’s liberating, healthy, and humiliating enriching!  I recently checked out an “offseason” triathlon article a bit ago…you know, the typical, “Make Your Offseason Count!!! blah blah blah” and as I was reading it, I was like, “How is this plan different from my training plan?” I mean, let’s be honest, I don’t know that I even always run 4 times a week in the IN-season. Offseason is OFF-season, not a trickled down continuation of all the structured training crap you did in the IN-season.

Playtime is what keeps us happy and motivated to the do the “must-do”s in our lives. If I continue to swim,bike, and run, it certainly begins to feel like a “must do”. We love the camaraderie we get from having shared physical activity experiences, so my goal is to extend that into true OFF-season activities, by which I do not mean 12 oz. arm curls, people. So, unplug your Garmin and your Strava, stop re-watching Kona on the trainer, and in case anyone wants to learn to play racquetball together, let me know. My OFF-season schedule is WIDE OPEN.


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