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date night…redux

Does anyone remember date night?  If you are in the trenches with young kids like us, you probably don’t get out much.  Or at least not together.  You might even have friends who would pass your spouse on the street and not know him or her.  We do a lot of “relay team” parenting in our house to make it all work, passing the baton to each other as one heads out the door for work, play, or workout, and one stays home with the kids.  It works for us, most of the time, and when we are together, our time is usually of the quality variety.

Monday night we did a relay team of a different kind.  Instead of blowing dough on a fancy dinner and a lot of drinks, we spent a little less for a race registration…and then a lot of drinks.  We signed up for Avon’s Dunk-n-Dash at Nottingham Lake for our date night.  This kind of race plays to our strengths, since it’s a swim and run event.  We did it as a relay for fun, since there are no awards or anything for relay teams.  Well, that, and you don’t want to get too sweaty on date night.

It was also nice for me to preview the course for Saturday’s Xterra Mountain Championship relay team that I thought was such a good idea all those months ago.  As I was swimming the second lap around the lake, I began thinking, “Why did I think this would be really fun?”.  When I got out, I realized that a relay is pretty fun because once you’re done with your leg, you’re all done!  No panicked transition and no disorientation as you begin the next leg of a race.  Just a high-five, and Taylor was off.  He was giddy upon return, since he almost never does any speed racing.  He liked the event a lot.

Afterward, as we were stuffing Taco Bell in our face as a sponge for the beer we were about to consume, I said, “You know? I don’t think I have ever loved you more than I do right now.”  And he said he felt the same way.  I am so glad that our relay team just keeps getting better.


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