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All’s well that ends well.  Thursday ended well, explosively.  There was a lot to consider after my last post.  But I don’t feel like this is an end, I feel like I had a whole lot of life breathed into me after Thursday.  I am buoyant, really.

Today’s post on Momastery’s FB page just confirms it:

Status Update
By Momastery
“Brother David Steindel-Rast reminds us that the Chinese word for “busy” is composed of two characters: “heart” and “killing.” When we make ourselves so busy that we are always rushing around trying to get this or that “done” or “over with,” we kill something vital in ourselves and we smother the quiet wisdom of our heart.”
“Who is there that can make muddy water clear?” asks the Tao Te Ching. “But if allowed to remain still, it will gradually become clear of itself.”Meister Ekhart, the fourteenth century Christian mystic, said that “nothing in all creation is so like God as stillness.”-Wayne Mueller – Legacy of the Heart

That is all.

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