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I resolve…

oh yeah, of course I am doing a New Year’s resolution post.  Why wouldn’t I?  I LOVE to wipe to the slate clean and start over- if you didn’t know that, check out my “Day 1-itis” post.

But seriously, I have new challenges I have been ruminating over during the fall and winter, and new challenges that have been handed over to me for which I hadn’t planned.  This semester, I will be working full-time for the first time since Sarah was born, about 6 years ago!  I can’t believe it’s been that long, but I am excited to do the work (mostly because it’s temporary…as in temporary until my husband looks at our bottom line without frowning for the first time in 6 (7? 8? 9?) years and makes his own resolution for me to stay working full-time.  Love ya honey! wink. wink.)

So that said, this year I resolve to do the following things:

  • I will track my food on my (new! shiny!) iPhone until I get to my goal weight of 150 pounds. (wow, yup, there it is.  I said it.  That was harder than it looks.)
  • I will run a half-marathon, preferably on trail.  Preferably at the appointed date of March 10.  Preferably in unseasonably sunny and dry conditions.  Preferably in an amazing fashion.
  • I will complete a half-Ironman triathlon this year.  At least one, and again, preferably in amazing fashion.
  • I will use the following mantra and attempt to follow it at every opportunity:


which of course will lead to all kinds of wonderful things like yelling less, working out more, keeping everyone happy and calm.  I can see it now-  the vision is a little blurry, but I can see it, and we all know this one follows that:


I do have some more plans for 2013 (of course!), but I am still having commitment issues and need to consult the gurus like Mr. Prepared (my husband) and the Evil Genius (I didn’t think I should stalk her about my goals during the holidays, but I kind of wanted to) and get settled in to my new position at work.  And I don’t want to feel weighed down by too many goals, since the ones above are pretty big.  I want my resolutions to light my path forward, keep me focused, excited and positive about the future.  And I can tell you from experience…it’s working!

Share your resolutions with me!  I love to hear from you! 


Weird Things About Losing Weight

I have been going around and around trying to figure out what’s bugging me lately about my weight loss.  I know some of you may inwardly groan when I start to hash out what is DIFFICULT about being a smaller human, but it’s actually really important to accept the fact that just because a person loses weight does not mean that everything is great.  If everything was actually perfect, then people would never re-gain weight, right?  So while I think that there are MANY, many wonderful things about losing 65 pounds (that’s right, 5 more to my goal!), I want to mention some of the weird things that have happened to me while losing weight.  Hopefully, others can share their insights and help me be successful at keeping this weight off!

Some weird things that have happened while I have been losing weight include:

1. People become obsessed with your body.  It’s tricky to go from being the elephant in the room (literally and figuratively) to having people tell you they were checking out your legs, arms, butt, whatever.  And people will really tell you that they were checking out your ass.  And sometimes they touch you.  It’s OK if were friends, but sometimes I don’t even know the person’s name.

2. People do not recognize you.  I knew this might be a problem when one of my best friends left a voicemail on my phone stating that she just drove by me on Broadway St. and didn’t even realize it was me until she was halfway home.  Now this can go both ways.  I live in a small town, and it can be tricky getting through the grocery store quickly without running into at least 5 people with whom you feel obligated to strike up a conversation.  Now that more  people do not recognize me, I can casually stroll by without initiating anything.  Major time savings!  On the down side, when you want people to know who you are, it’s awkward to explain who you are and generally situation #1 above occurs.

3. People judge.  Most people are generally happy for you that you have done something healthy and wonderful for yourself and your family.  But there are weirdos out there who are NOT doctors who feel it’s important to tell you that you have lost too much weight or you look too skinny.  Just to clear the air about this, I am still in the VERY UPPER end of a healthy weight range.  I just signed up for a triathlon in the ATHENA division, which is for the big girls, people.  It’s not like I just became Kate Moss’ body double or something- just wanted to look and feel like a normal human being, OK?

4. People whisper.  This typically happens when anything extremely bad or good happens to a person.  People want details, or maybe they just want to gossip.  You might whisper about someone having cancer, or plastic surgery, or in my case, losing a lot of weight.  They might ask someone I know if I’m “being healthy about ‘it’ “… about which I laugh.   Every time someone sees me, I am usually stuffing my face.  Instead of a giant burrito, it may be a salad, but yeah, generally still stuffing it in my mouth.  I’ll admit it.  I have terrible table manners.  That would be worth whispering about because it’s actually true.

It’s taking me some time to get used to my new “skin”.  I don’t see myself as others see me, and I wonder what I look like to them.  Then I wonder if I look “good” and what does looking good look like?  Mostly, I have to remember that inside I feel good, and that’s the most important part.

As I said before, all the awesome things about losing weight FAR outweigh the weird things, but I wonder if anyone else has had similar experiences?  Keep me posted…

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