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pole pedal paddle

I visited the mecca of fit people this weekend- my sister’s hometown of Steamboat.  Literally, it might be the fittest town in America.  So while stuffing my face with delicious appetizers and a few drinks, I met a woman who described her perfect workout regimen.  It consisted of 3 elements: “pole, pedal, paddle”.  She skis, then bikes, then kayaks on an ideal day.  Sounds awesome, right?

Cousin Mark tried to rope me into something not as awesome-sounding later in the weekend.  He’s planning on participating in the Beaver Creek Tough Mudder in June.  He persuaded his wife to do it by making it sound like all laughs until she agreed to sign up.  Then he showed her the video of an actual event.  By his account, she was not thrilled.  I mean, who wants to compete in something that actually advertises “10,00 volts of electricity” as part of the course map?  Apparently over a half a million people, according to their website.

All judging aside, my point is that in today’s world, it’s nearly impossible not to find something you can be passionate about while achieving some fitness goals.  10 years ago, when I told my doctor I wanted to lose weight, she told me to train for something.  I went home and told my husband and we both laughed.  He said, “What are you gonna do?  Swim the English Channel?”  And then we went on about our lives, not doing anything other than sitting on the couch and walking our dog occasionally.

While I can’t change the past, now I realize she was right!  And the more events I research, the more I wanna do.  This year I am going to focus on triathlons and see if I really like them.  Trainer Guy said I had to pare down the schedule so I didn’t burn out.  That’s hard to do because I have friends I want to do tris with, and also local races that are fun and for a good cause.  How can you pick just a few?

Plus, it’s so inspiring to see people doing all kinds of events and races, even if they’re not my thing.  I will go and cheer for our cousins in the Tough Mudder for sure, and you know I will be one-man crew (with 2 tagalongs covered in dust and dirt) for all of hubby’s races this summer.  If you want to join me, the people watching is awesome, and the sideline banter fantastic.  Better yet, get out there and do something you want to do this summer, whether it’s a race, a ride, a relay, or an “experience”.  Sometimes all we need is a carrot on a stick dangling in front of us in order to get off the couch.

As for me, this summer’s gonna be awesome, but I get super excited even thinking about next year, because I absolutely want to start open water racing.  After we came home that night in Steamboat, I told my sister that someday I wanted to swim from Alcatraz.  Her eyes nearly popped out of her head.  She said, “You? You’re afraid of birds!  What about things with teeth that live in that water?”

She has a point.  So, maybe the English Channel will have to wait.  At least until I figure out a workaround for avoiding the things with teeth.


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