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Making Space for It to Come In

Most people who don’t race themselves often shake their heads in wonder as to our sanity as a couple when it comes to endurance racing. I think that the blogger Just Another Endurance Junkie says it best in her post here (mostly the 4 paragraphs below the kissing picture of Rinny and Tim O’Donnell).  I have posted these below this post too- truly read it, it’s worth the perspctive.  

If you read it and get it, you just get it.  If not, think about the things that you are into.  I always try to honor what people are passionate about in an authentic way, even if I am not into it myself.  I love to see the different things people are passionate about. So much of our life is stuck in the drudgery of work, carpooling, and cleaning toilets that I HOPE everyone I meet has a passion for something.  I think it rocks that you LOVE geocaching, Jesus, Mother Earth, yoga, or whatever.  Go on with your bad self, and honor my desire to do the same.

If you find yourself feeling passion-less, I have one suggestion: Make Space For It To Come In.  Create space, time, and place for a passion to grow, take root, and turn your life upside down.  Right now, I am having a really hard time with this concept.  I alternate between freak-out-need-to-get-a-job-any-job moments and making the space for my dreams to work themselves out.  I really want to pursue health and wellness as my career, and I am taking the steps to find work, but I know that I need to make space for my dream career to come together too.

I know that it is coming, though, because I have moments when there is a glimpse of the vision. Talking to the owner at the local grocery store today about school food, nutrition, and the state of wellness in our area gave me ideas and insight that feed the fire.  I can feel that food and the role it plays in people’s lives is going to play a part in my dream career.  Even talking about it with a new group of people tonight I could feel something so big I almost need to get out of its way.

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But now, when I write it down, I have a panicky what-if-it-never-happens moment.  However, I feel confident that I can do this.  There have been other moments like this.  For example, I made a space to devote to running, and over the holidays, I found the FUN in running.  I ran 8 days in a row from Christmas to New Year’s.  I made the space for it to come, and today as I ran, I know my running is solid, strong, and ready for what’s coming.

I am no longer afraid of being injured, or slow, or not able to run the distance ahead.  I just need to make the space for the dream to come and take root and turn life upside down.


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