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TRI-ing something new

HAHA! I made it over 75 posts without a cliché TRI-athlon title.   Sorry to disappoint those of you who thought I was so clever there for a minute.

Many of you know that I have (mostly) had a coach/trainer of some sort while I have been training for triathlon or trying to lose weight. First, there was Trainer Guy and after a while, there was Coach Evil Genius.  After moving to Michigan, I have been “dabbling” in a variety of fitness activities. I told myself that I was doing this for research purposes, since I am currently working on my trainer cert. After a while though, my dabbling had become a bit of do-nothingness. Until 2 weeks ago, I hadn’t run since August.  (I know!  Are so many of you taking a sharp, audible inhalation? I have a lazy butt. There. I admitted it. It feels like a pain in the ass. So funny to you, isn’t it? 😉)  No running was the experiment to see if my hip could/would/will get better, and we are in the early testing phases. So far, so good.  I figured if there was any time not to run, it would be right about when the PT guy said “no running” and I couldn’t think of anything for which it was worth breaking the rule.  (PS.  I did a hell of a lot of PT.  Just sayin’ in case you thought I wasn’t doing anything to help it along).

Anyhoo, fast-forwarding to the day I decided to do Turbokick or some such class at the local fitness center, I realized that I totally could be doing a better job on focusing my fitness. Due to these unusual life circumstances (not gainfully employed-YET!, kids in school all day) and the high amount of VOCs I have been inhaling during painting, I decided to pull the trigger on my free trial from Endurance Nation.  EN is the (or one of the) largest coached teams of age-group triathletes in the US. And while this both excites me (YAY! anonymity!) and terrifies me (BOO! anonymity), I have found over the last 3 weeks that I can get a good balance of both. And truthfully, I’m a joiner.  Mr. Prepared scoffs at it, but it makes me happy.  🙂

The first week was like an overwhelming blur of activity for which I was unprepared. There were workouts and webinars and whatnot, some of which I did and some I didn’t. Within the first week, I had a phone call from Coach Patrick and a screencast with my Season Roadmap from Coach Rich. Mr. Prepared found it very annoying that I kept talking about it, like I couldn’t believe that these were real people assessing other real people’s situations! And even though both coaches poked fun at my lazy butt syndrome, Coach Patrick actually talked to me on the phone and helped me modify my plan for a couple of months to start running again.

I need the camaraderie and accountability of other people to keep me motivated through the outseason and into race season.  I need a plan with a purpose that I can execute.  I don’t have to share everything with everyone, but I know that reading/hearing/seeing other people with the same motivation and drive that I have to make myself the best athlete I can be while still maintaining a life outside of triathlon will motivate me more than an early morning spin class.  Yes, the spin class is tough.  Yes, the people are nice.  Yes, for most people what I do is more than good enough as far as training.  It’s just not good enough for me to know that I have done my best.  And being able to be my best triathlete self makes me happy.  And when Mama’s happy…everyone’s happy.   It’s what I like to call a win-win.

I find it hilarious that our dog Daisy is supposed have that same fierce expression when something is about to attack.  That dog is the definition of vapid.

I find it hilarious that our dog Daisy is supposed have that same fierce expression when something is about to attack. She is just the definition of vapid.

BTW…I just want to point out that I did not get paid (nor will I ever be paid) to say any of these things about EN or any product I have endorsed or will endorse in the future.  I mean seriously people, I have like 50 people who read this blog.  That would just be a damn waste of someone’s promotional budget.  

However, if Sweaty Bands would ever feel differently about giving me free Sweaty bands and talking about how AWESOME they are, I am more than happy to oblige.  


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