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oh the randomness…

I love the off season this week.  Not last week or the week before so much, but this week has been extremely awesome.  Mostly because I have done a bunch of stuff that makes me either feel extremely stupid, totally out of shape, or just plain clumsy.  So last weekend I decided that I will definitely need to run a half marathon this winter, right?  Great idea, picked one out, realized Mr. Prepared could do the whole marathon taking place same time/date (it’s a trail marathon, which is the only way I lured him in…) and we’re off.  Off to a trot.

Anyhoo, the idea of a looming half marathon propelled me to sit down and at least make a proper workout schedule, which had been lacking since Evil Genius and I are taking some much-deserved down time (much deserved for her, not so much me).  But I did actually do some working out, which was both hilarious and good.  I started swimming again last weekend, which was great- I know, I know, I swear it sucks, but it really doesn’t. However, today I swam and it was SUPER crowded in the early morning so I offered up my spot to a stressed out teacher so that she wouldn’t take it out on the kids today (I feel ya, day before Thanksgiving break!).  That left me with the option of hot tub or swimming against the tide in the lazy river.  Which of course I chose…lazy river.  Great idea for a lap or two, but my shoulders are pretty jacked now.  However, all I thought about was what great training I was getting for my “someday” swim from Alcatraz.  And how jacked my shoulders were getting.

So between that and the complete odd exercises I did with Christine in the class Trainer Guy ambiguously calls “Ski Conditioning Intervals”, I am feeling pretty darn worked.  I mean, I don’t know what half the exercises are on the board in Ski Conditioning when I start a class, but I sure as hell know what Turkish get-ups are now, thank you.  I really love getting to know the carpet of the GRC cardio studio intimately, between the burpees (of varying horrific varieties), the pushups, and laying down, panting, after about 5 get-ups.   After class, one guy said, “So, each day I come I think, It can’t be worse than last time. But it always is.  Do you like to just sit and think about new and horrible exercises to do every day?” to which Trainer Guy just laughed.  But like that evil “hahaha” it’s actually true laugh, you know?

I did do some running this week too!  A whole 10K.  Yes for the whole week.  I will make up for it this weekend.  Perhaps I will even try to run with my new beast…I mean dog.  Actually, maybe my shoulders are jacked from trying to walk her…now there’s a hellish exercise I could patent…

Have fun this weekend!


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