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WTF- Welcome to Fruita

So… we got to have our first Fruita trip of the “season” if you will.  Taylor ran the Desert RATS 25 mile race.  I gotta say,  I LOVE FRUITA.  I can’t really say if it’s the place or the time of year, or the invariable beautiful weather that greets us, but I love it.  I saw a  bumper sticker in town that read “WTF -Welcome to Fruita” and I think I was even more in love.  Even when I believe a guy called me “jerk” from his road bike as I was driving my gas-hogging-anti-Earth-loving vehicle (SLOWLY!) down the road from the CO National Monument for the 2nd time that day.  Oh well, you try getting everything all packed up by 5:30 AM, ya jerk… WTF. Welcome to Fruita, I guess.

My baby #1 taking a hike.

Anyhow, I love that race, and I was psyched to go and see the finish (of which we made it about 5 minutes before Taylor came in), dig in the sand/dirt, etc.  Going to an ultra marathon race always puts your personal fitness in perspective, and Desert RATS was no different from any other race.  I texted Christine to tell her that going to the race packet pickup was like being the fat chick at the frat party.  I pretty much had to be the only lady above a size 4 there.  Oh well. WTF.  Welcome to Fruita.

Taylor rocked it in his goal of 5 hours or less.  He did it in “or less”- not sure how much less, since they count that stuff IN HOURS and I wasn’t paying attention to the clock.

Sarah and Meg running Dad into the finish line. 🙂

After the race, Taylor was a good sport and let me stop at Highline State Park on the way back to Fruita to get “acclimatized” to the water.  It was a BALMY 52 degrees.  After reading all these open water swimming books, I was CERTAIN I would be SO AWESOME at swimming in the open water.   I totally wasn’t.  It was pretty sad.  All those same feelings I have always had in open water re-surfaced and were twice as bad because the water was murky.  I thought I had open water swimming down pat, but I realize that I have not swum in anything but clear open water, so I kinda freaked.  But I did several hundred yards, even if it was fifty yards out and back several times.  I haven’t ever swam in a wetsuit, so it was good to know what that would feel like before my race in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks.

I am glad I went swimming there, since my goal is to complete an Olympic distance triathlon in that same water in October.  That’s right, I signed up for the Desert’s Edge Triathlon in October at Highline State Park.  It will be my first Olympic length triathlon, if I make it that far.  I sure hope I do, since it will look weird if we just happen to be camping there for the weekend and not doing the race.

I am pretty excited to end our race season in Fruita as well, since I pretty much love the place.  Mostly because of its proximity to Kohl’s in Grand Junction.  And they remodeled the City Market in GJ, so it has a very large natural beauty products section which smells a lot like Whole Foods Market, which I imagine is the closest the Western Slope will ever get to having a Whole Foods.  I could have stayed in that section of the City Market for the day it smelled so good. As it was, I walked in for a toothbrush and to let my kids pee (since the city parks don’t open their public restrooms until 7:30 AM) and walked out with $30-plus of natural products.  Plus, in Fruita, they have awesome food, camping, and a dinosaur museum,  which Sarah thinks is the best thing since macaroni and cheese.  Which she consumed at least 3 times in our 36 hour trip.  WTF, you might say?  I say, Welcome to Fruita.  And welcome to racing season.  Pretty psyched for what’s ahead.


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