adventures of a mere mortal in fitness and life

Journeys in Awesomeness

This list, like its author, is a work in progress.

  • To learn to compost and set up a compost bin in yard
  • Reduce the amount of inappropriate language that comes out of my mouth to zero.
  • Lose 70 pounds – lost 50 so far lost 60 so far. 65!
  • Have 100 followers on my blog
  • Write and publish a book about my great-aunt
  • Swim a 5k race. completed  Swim to the Moon 5k, 8/11/13, 1:23:27.96
  • Swim a marathon distance race completed Swim to the Moon 10K 8/23/15, 2:44.16
  • Complete an Olympic distance triathlon  completed 10/7/12
  • Complete a half-Ironman  completed 6/22/14, 6:33:XX
  • Run a trail half-marathon. completed 3/9/13
  • Go on a fast from complaining for a week straight.
  • Swim from Alcatraz.

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