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So I sit here with competing interests on my time right now. I realize I have 11 weeks before the Mac swim. And I realize I never even wrote a training outline for June to August. I know August 23 I will do my last big swim at Swim to the Moon– my first 10K swim. In the meantime, I need to go sit down and work out the plan!  So bad that as a trainer by trade I am admitting this, but really, the time has flown from march to the end of may, and summer promises to be relentless.

Sunday 6/7- 3.5 hour ride

Monday 6.8- strength- deadlifts, presses, work on the pullup. I will get that pullup this summer. Grr.

Tuesday 6.9- early swim- 4K. 400 WU, 800 build, 2×400 middle 200 fast/ even pace,4×200 variable speed 50s, 8×100 fast- same splits (drop a second off the first one, then ran them exact same times), 400 backstroke

Wednesday 6.10- 300 swings+ squats, rows, presses, TGUs in between sets off 15 and 35. Getting to comfortable with the 16kg.

Thursday 6.11- figured since I was doing a triathlon on Sunday I should figure out if my legs worked for running and whatnot. Did 12.5 miles on TT bike and then ran 2 miles. Pace about 8:15/mi running. Felt pretty good.

Friday 6.12- practical repeat of Wednesday

Sunday 6.14- Triathlon. Yah, it was a sprint. But that’s what I like to do!  No one ever says that the guy who runs the 100m is “just” doing 100m, but that’s what people do in America in regards to triathlon. For me, longer distance is not better. And it’s not “cooler” in any way to me. Did pretty well too, considering I have not trained specifically with an eye to triathlon this season. I have some interesting theories about this but I will keep them to myself for now. They’re like an entire separate chapter that I don’t have time for right now!

Anyhow, there’s the week!  I will post up my plan leading up to MM soon!

If you care to donate to myself or another swimmer, please find the “DONATE” button at the top right corner of this page and select me or another swimmer!  All proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity in Michigan!!

mighty mac


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