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So I came off the high of posting up my first workout, and then proceeded to get sick with a respiratory/sinus thing and not be able to swim the rest of the week last week!  This week showed a little improvement, as I got on my bike for about 40 minutes on Sunday with little/no respiratory issues, and then made about 30 minutes of swimming on Monday- not much exciting to report.

Since I am still not feeling 100 percent, my workouts were not too intense this week. The main thrill was that I used my pull buoy for about the first time in 9 months on Wednesday without shoulder pain. YAY! I will post up about the process of rehabbing my shoulder in the near future, but for now, that was a huge win for me. I’m not even really sure how I feel about pulling at this moment. I have heard that pulling is kind of passe now, but we used pull buoys a lot in our training when I was younger. Nonetheless, lots of good progress made with the shoulder in order to be able to pull. My workout Wednesday looked like this:

400 WU
4x 400 Alternate 1 Swim/ 1 Pull
400 Cooldown 25 Back/25 Breastroke

The pull buoy definitely gives you buoyancy, so if the lower half of your body sinks like a rock while you swim (ahem, men), try a pull buoy. Some of the men I swam with on my last team were actually faster with a pull buoy!  The only thing I notice is a slight change in roll and rotation and thus my swim gait. I don’t rotate quite as well as I do without the buoy.

Today’s workout was the long haul swim for the week. One thing I have been remiss about is practicing any hydration or fueling while swimming. A couple of weeks ago I cramped up pretty badly at the end of my long swim. I did better today by eating before I left and bringing a bottle of Enduralytes with me. I felt a cramp potential around 2.5 miles, but it didn’t come on. I need to be mindful of hydration and fueling as I go to practice for the swim. The other thing is my lips cracked apart after the swim. I might need to put some kind of protectant on them before I swim long next time.

800 Warmup

2×1 mile- every 4th length backstroke

400 Cooldown

I swam every 4th length back so that it would help with counting. I am terrible at keeping track of my laps, and I don’t have a fancy watch that counts or even a finger lap counter. I believe counting myself keeps my brain more present and engaged with what I am doing when I am following the black line back and forth.

Many people wonder how you can swim that long and not be too bored. I always tell them, I am a business owner, mom of two young kids, and wife. Where else do you think I go to get some peace and quiet? 😉  Of course, the more truthful answer is that I constantly set small tasks for myself as I swim. Today on the lengths headed in one direction (the odd lengths) I worked on head position. I know I swim with my head too high in the water, and I worked on looking down at the bottom of the pool vs. looking ahead.  I swam backstroke every 4th length to help count and to relax my shoulders. On the remaining length, I spent many of those lengths swimming with my eyes closed. This drill is good practice for open water to see if you’re swimming straight, and it’s scary, which is probably a little OK when you’re in the pool.

Happy Swimming!


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  1. Kris Rowse said:

    you go girl, you rock!!!!

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