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So I have struggled to find a use for this site beyond filing my race reports, which are pretty few and far between, particularly in the winter. That, and I am probably not going to be racing as much this summer as I have in seasons past.

My big “scary” thing this summer will be completing the Mighty Mac Swim on Labor. This charity swim raises funds for Habitat for Humanity through each individual swimmer’s fundraising obligations. And then we all swim the Strait of Mackinac. At first I thought the fundraising would be the hard part. Now I think it might be the other way around. 😉

I am close to completing my fundraising goal, and I am working on my preparation. Now when you’re a triathlete, you can find hundreds of training plans online- obviously, some of them are a waste of time and some are pretty OK, but when you’re long distance swimming in open water, online training advice is a little harder to come by. You know, since the sport of open water swimming just hasn’t exploded yet. 🙂 Probably because you often find yourself swimming up against things like seaweed, jelly fish, etc. I guess it’s kind of the aquatic version of Tough Mudder.

When seaweed attacks...

When seaweed attacks…

Anyhow, I will be logging my training (at least the swim specifics) here on my blog through the end of September. I have asked a fellow Mighty Mac swimmer (there are 83 of us!) to give me ideas and a little guidance, so hopefully I stay on track. Right now, I have a rough outline of my training plan loosely based on input from ideas for training for open water 10Ks, which is about the closest approximation to our actual distance of 5 miles for the swim.

For more information about the Mighty Mac Swim, go to:

I will post up Monday’s workout complete with drill videos if I can find them as soon as I can!

Happy swimming!


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