adventures of a mere mortal in fitness and life

as I am now

It’s kind of weird being “normal” sized in a town where no one knew you were overweight.  The assumptions that people make, the looks that you get, even the conversations that people are willing to have with you are different.  It feels both thrilling and depressing that people don’t “know” me.  I loved living in a small community for 15 years, but somehow the box started to feel suffocating and I wanted OUT.  Now that I am out, a lot of days make me want to crawl back in the box, where people know ALL of me and still love me, or don’t.

As a personal trainer trying to develop my business, a big part of me is my story.  People don’t train with a trainer (long term anyways) because they are “the best” or “the most hard-core”, but because they can develop a relationship with you.  As a trainer, you may be the best or the most hard-core, but your clients keep coming back for YOU.  If you can be hard-core and be attuned to their needs, their goals, and keep your client engaged and having fun, that’s great!  When I am working with clients who have a weight loss goal, I don’t always disclose that I have been “there”, but I generally think it helps.  It’s hard to imagine size 2 “Tiffany Trainer” who has always “loved fitness” as being very relatable to my old self. That’s why I loved Weight Watchers, because the group leaders were real WW successes, and they could speak from their hearts and from their own experiences.

I do miss aspects of my old self as time goes on.  I wanted to write about it more, but a friend popped this article into my inbox TODAY – as I have been writing this- and I think it is written just a whole lot better than I could write about it.  Check out this post from MindBodyGreen:

5 Things I Miss About Weighing More Than 300 Pounds


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