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mirror, mirror on the wall…

We have many ugly features in our house, so it is no surprise that the unsightly but not too horrible floor to ceiling mirror in the hallway next to our bedroom has gone under the radar. As I have been working on getting ready for racing season, little notes have started popping up here and there and everywhere.  I love positive little quotes, tea bag labels with good ideas, and even reminders about my goals in life, triathlon, and work.

This is what I face when I log hours on the bike trainer.

This is what I face when I log hours on the bike trainer.

With winter giving us the blues, we needed to find some way to lift our spirits and tap into some positive forces.  So much has been happening with work for me (trying to open my own business!) that I need a place to ground myself when I am starting to doubt myself. This morning after a long, drawn out playtime of Barbie/My Little Pony drama, I got the idea of turning the mirror into a magic mirror.  On the advice of my sister, I had been trying to look in it every day and tell myself, “I love you,” but truthfully, the mirror was so minimal I almost always forgot, and let’s face it, I felt a little like Jack Handy from the old SNL skit.  However, I figured if I made the mirror a feature that I would want to look at, I would look at myself and repeat those words and find inspiration in the quotes, goals, and mantras pasted up there.


I even put up a little mantra for the learning to read child.

It made me feel so much better, like a strong frame around my picture when I have to face my fears.  And then the teacher in me added some instructions.

The wish is just the beginning of the magic.

Good for kids AND adults.

Ok, so the home decor people out there are gonna recoil in horror, but I am more of a practical girl.  I mean, let’s be honest, I have two bikes sitting in my living room right now.  And yes, I have a garage.  But if the magic mirror is going to make me a better version of me (or hopefully, all of us), then I don’t care if it’s slightly unsightly.  Just look in the bathroom to the right of it.  That will make the magic mirror look good by comparison.


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