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so hungry…

I know it must be back into training/race prep season when I have got a solid case of the hungries going on just about every day.  I am trying to “improve my body comp” (that’s fancy speak for lose a part of my gut that’s jiggly) but I

Just like the Eskimos have a bunch of words for “snow”, I have many words for “hungry”.  None of them belong to me, but I use them all the time and even many of my friends know them.  Just the other day, my friend Jen sent me this:

hangry photo

a “must-have” for my kitchen

Hangry is a nearly daily situation at our house.  I can actually see the physical cues of Mr. Prepared descending into a state of hanger. All I know is that we need to stop ASAP at the nearest restaurant, fast food joint, or ice cream stand we can find if we are on the road.  It’s actually more amusing at home because there is NEVER anything to eat in our house that will quench his hanger.  I found him the other day with a poor excuse for a sub sandwich, which he was completely angry about having to eat.  He totally ended up getting takeout from Buffalo Wild Wings later.  Unlike me, Mr. Prepared doesn’t have to do much to drop 4-5 pounds at a time.  Like in a day.  It’s totally unjust, but I’ve learned to live with it, and he’s learned to live with the fact that we have 2-3 varieties of greens in the fridge instead of 2-3 varieties of ice cream in the freezer.

This morning on one of the lovely FB forums I belong to, someone mentioned a case of the “swimgries”.  Many people will attest to the fact that sustained swimming makes you hungry.  I believe this is because swimming generally occurs in that “perfect” fat-burning HR zone that produces a ton of metabolic afterburn all day long (I only have a rough scientific basis for this).  I get it- this girl has made more than her fair share of trips to Old Country Buffet for the “how many plates can you eat?” competition after Saturday morning HS swim workouts (Six, people. Winner!).

I no longer really suffer the swimgries, but I certainly get the rungries. Since I work out in the morning, the hunger onset lasts all day.  I have a girlfriend who will not EVER run in the morning because she swears it makes her eat all day.  Any run over 45 minutes in length produces the rungries for me.  I have already succumbed to it today!  I thought a nice, healthy, LARGE lunch would stave off the rungries today, but I still dug into the cookies when I got home.  I know, I know.  Put down the recreational sugar.

What are your favorite words for hunger?  What do you use to stave off those cravings while training?  


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