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bumpkin style!

That video is just awesome– that’s what I watched when I was checking out taking the train to Mr. Prepared’s mom’s house in Chicago in a few weeks, which will be…AWESOME.  Except I can’t take my bike, so we might just take the car.  It’s just so convenient, and we would have to find a home for The Beast (Miss Daisy) otherwise, which I am unwilling to do at this point.

In the meantime, my life has been  more “bumpkin style” than “gangnam style” here in B-town.  That’s what the new home is gonna be called, even when we move to fancy “Hamburg Township”.

Which we hopefully can do.  Home loans these days take an advanced degree and an enormous amount of dedication to complete, I’ll tell ya.  No joke.  You won’t believe me unless you bought a home after 2010, but the amount of paperwork and personal disclosure is unreal at this point.  If I hadn’t already made a Pinterest collage for “new lake house“, I might have already given up.

Beside the new house (and the old house-don’t even get me started!) we are just bumpkins trying to meander our way through the events of regular life in the Big City.  LOL.  I am trying to muster my knowledge of Boulder, since that’s my last known city (LKC) of residence for what things are like in a town of significant size.

  • You have to be able to parallel park, which I did after stalling out going into reverse on Main St.  (Yes, everyone saw, just like Driver’s Ed, but much, much more embarrassing)
  • You have to know where to drop your mail (there are multiple slots for dropping postage paid mail in cities sorry Uncle Danny’s birthday card!).
  • You have to accept different kinds of wildlife. No more deer or bear crossings —  but here was a sweet WOW! Herons crossing the road passage:

    red heron

    additionally, proof we live next to a cemetery. 2 in fact.

  • Sometimes cities have random “Pavement Ends” moments– somehow, I think this should be particular to the “Wild West” but here, the pavement just ends for no particular reason on roads like “Golf Club Drive” which seems unlikely and generally surprising.  But the fun part is that it scares the crap out of the children!

As far as stuff we are up to, it isn’t much.  We can’t bike safely out of our apartment complex (being as we are pinned in by a swamp, a cemetery, and an interstate highway), but we make our own fun by biking in the rain and doing rain sprints with the dog.  I mean, running while the kids are biking (Meg learned to ride without training wheels this week!) is actually a bit of a speed workout!  Between that the the good advice from The Running Lab guys, I am ready for Island Lake Triathlon Summer.  Good times!

And as part of my training, I have been contemplating the century ride for the Tour de Livingston in October which is hosted in part by Mt. Brighton by the Howell Rotary for Livingston County United Way.  I worked with Primal Designs in Denver to make the jersey for the Tour de Livingston Ride for Mt. Brighton, which I gotta say looks pretty sweet (no thanks to me- just to the fantastic crew at Primal Designs!)  which should pretty much conclude my unpaid internship in marketing at Mt. Brighton.  Too bad that I have no “real” experience in marketing and nepotism is frowned upon; otherwise, I would stand a chance at keeping up their Facebook page and being the face of Mt. Brighton, which would be cool.

mt brighton jersey design

Mt. Brighton Jersey. Totally cannot take credit for it, but Primal Designs can. Awesome- even has chain mail detail on the the shoulders, etc.!

In the meantime, I am planning to pursue the personal training certification, if for nothing than my own personal advancement and hopefully with the goal of changing people’s lives.  We will see if that can be pursued in the fall along with some other goals…I know it’s not a half-Ironman, but life has thrown me a few curveballs since April, and I am just trying to see what’s available and be open to what’s possible. In the meantime, I am doing my FIRST 5K SWIM this weekend as part of a fundraiser for the NorthStar Reach Camp. a camp for children with life-threatening illnesses.  Awesome and excited!

Swim to the Moon

Will let you know how everything goes— in the meantime, please update me on life outside of B-town.  It’s a little bit lonely here for the new girl.  🙂


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  1. Ok, Cupcake Activist, please maybe you can explain something to me. I'm an American (but now in France.) I've been making cupcakes ever since I can remember, my Mother taught Home Ec and, she taught me. Then all the years with 4-H, FHA, four years of High School Home Ec myself, working in Bakeries and my own restaurant. And three children, therefore, many, many cupcakes. So, we're talking 45+ years. Meaning, I'm not Cupcake Challenged, I've got experience.WHY is it that just about every American cupcake I see of late, has the frosting/icing JUST in the centre? It doesn't cover the entire cupcake. The ones above are prime examples. That just looks sloppy, unfinished, mean and slightly naked to me. The frosting/icing helps to seal in the moisture and prevents 'hard edges'. Is it just some trend? I hate it.Moistness just requires a few science principles, some experimentation and attention to detail. Just Google it, for heaven's sake, Twenty Five Main, it's not rocket science.Thank you for allowing me my rant. :)Kind regards from France, Kitty(But, I'd really like to know why so many places do just the frosting/icing plopped in the middle…)

  2. That hits the target perfectly. Thanks!

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