adventures of a mere mortal in fitness and life

So we have successfully made it to our new home in Michigan, where no one told me it was going to be about 50-60 degrees, since it was 90-100 the last time Mr. Prepared left.  Since of course I didn’t get much working out in while we were on the road and the Ogilvie Farewell World Tour, and since our stuff was supposed to be here Sunday but it was postponed until yesterday (oh! Yay!), I told Mr. Prepared I was going to ride my bike early Sunday morning.  I picked an old rail trail that had been converted to asphalt (since the speed of drivers + lack of shoulder + total lack of knowledge of where I am is petrifying) to do my first bike ride.  I looked at the map, determined how I would drive to one of the end points, and flipped off my phone.

Now, I know we live in the age of Google Maps and voice-activated driving directions, but I really do pride myself on sense of direction and being able to read a map.  However, I got so turned around in driving (first in the entire opposite direction of where I intended to go) that a 12 minute drive took almost an hour.  I won’t even mention the fact that I tried to drive to the start of the trail which was across the lake from the actual parking lot.  Not. Actually. Possible.

However, I was so relieved when I arrived at my destination that I promptly coughed up my money for an annual out-of-state parks pass (less than ½ the cost of a state parks pass in CO!) and drove in.  It was like a triathlete gathering!  There were people on their bikes, people open water swimming, people doing beachside yoga.  I wanted to like wave my hand and be like, “Hey!  I’m new! Anyone want to let me ride with them?” but I didn’t because I am a totally self-conscious chicken shit, if I am being honest.  So I just hopped on my bike and started riding my planned route.  I didn’t see any of those riders on my route, so I am not sure where they were biking, but maybe I will find out soon?  I did see one guy (it was hard to miss the aero helmet and full disc wheel, truth be told) going around and around doing laps on the park road.  If so, I am not sure why.  The route I went on was not the prettiest, but at least I was going somewhere.  I went through 3 counties, which seems impressive when you come from a county as big as Rhode Island (Not truly impressive.  One time Mr. Prepared ran through 3 states in one run, and that sounds way more badass.)  I did parallel a major interstate most of the time, but I figured that wasn’t too different from home, and at one point I saw people playing actual CRICKET.  The GAME.  Pretty cool, huh?

Monday I played it safe, used my voice-activated Google Maps, and worked out in a gym that we got free week passes to Sunday afternoon.  It’s actually freezing here, and I thought I might be cold outside in all those shorts and tank tops I brought for the “Midwest heat”.  Also, I wanted to try out my new shoes I got (along with excellent free advice and video analysis AND feedback about my running form!) at The Running Lab in Brighton (thank you!).  After running, I was still too chicken to work out in the weights section, so I did my weights upstairs in what could best be termed their “old weights we didn’t want to throw away yet” section.

New adventures bring out new habits, and I am trying to make good ones here.  I am looking forward to waving to people I know soon, instead of waving and looking like the crazy girl.  Actually, people here are so friendly, they’d probably just wave right back.


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