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Unexpected race report!

It may not be the Boulder Peak race report that I imagined myself writing this summer, but I got an unexpected treat in being able to race last weekend.  While Mr. Prepared was in MI for the weekend, my lovely friend Christine insisted on taking my children for a sleepover on Friday night so that I could race in the local LG Triathlon on Saturday morning.  This plan was concocted over a few beers on Tuesday night, and while the idea of resurrecting Team Hot Mess for an Xterra relay team this weekend didn’t pan out, I did register for the LG.

I was so happy to be able to do the race for several reasons, as this was the first triathlon I ever did back in 2010 and I have been doing it every year since then, and because it is local, low-key, friendly, and fun.  And apparently, my friends decided that I needed to race.  Which I did.  Pretty badly.

It was fun to hang out in the transition area and see my neighbors, swimming buddies, and other people from the valley that I know come together for a local charity.  The women that organize this race in honor of their friend do an amazing job.

The swim was in the pool, which is decidedly not to my advantage and it takes a really long time to get through to the last swimmers, but it was quicker than last year, so we started about an hour after the first wave of swimmers started.  I never get in a rhythm on such a short swim (500 yards), which probably means I would do better with a swim warmup in a pool event next time. In open water, I really don’t get in and warm-up in the water, as I just can’t stomach being cold and then getting in cold again.  I guess I could use some expertise about this, as everyone has told me to warmup in the water before a race, and I have never followed that advice.

Bike was great and predictable, as I have ridden that course more times than I can count.  I tried to enjoy the moment and soak it in, but also continue to go as fast as possible. I am anxious to start looking at TT bikes for the future, as I feel that I have outgrown (is it my belly? LOL) the geometry of my road bike with clip-ons.  I hope a TT bike would feel better and not like I am constantly having to shift my position in the saddle.

One thing I noticed about the run was that my endurance is definitely lower (expectedly so) than last year. I didn’t feel like I had a lot left when I headed out for the last leg, and I ran probably the last half-mile with my eyes closed, which for me means that I am really suffering.  I am in Week 3 of a 7 week plan to build myself back up again before I race in MI, and I am hoping that my endurance continues to build with that.

Anyhow, it was fun and a relief.  Like I said, the volunteers here at this event always are amazing, the cause is so important, and it was so great to race one last time in my hometown before we move.

Individual Sprint
5 Susan Ogilvie (115) F35-39  2/17  6:37  0:53  37:45  0:41  28:59 1:14:52.6

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