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Since we are within a month of leaving the beautiful mountains of Colorado for our new adventure in Michigan, I feel like I want to capture some of my favorite things about where I live.  Luckily, many of these places are right outside my own door.

One of the greatest things about getting fit and losing weight is that I have been able to get out and explore more of Colorado and my hometown.  Sadly, for many years I didn’t even fully appreciate all the trails, rides, and paths we have in our little town.  Many of these have been publicized in a great trail book called Mountain Bike Eagle, so if you do ever venture to Eagle, you can check them out too!

My favorite brick workout is a short but tough climb up the Boneyard on the east end of town.  When I started mountain biking last summer (disclaimer: still a total novice!), I used the Boneyard road to learn some basic MTB handling and climbing.  It was nice and wide, and I still fell a lot, but I wasn’t scared sh*tless that I would fall into a ravine or off a cliff learning to ride.  Now I use either the road or the trail (depending on how balanced I am feeling) to climb to the first connection between the road and the trail – the Green Gate.

Green Gate view. Early morning, Summer 2013.

Green Gate view. Early morning, Summer 2013.


When I started, I used to just ride to the Green Gate on the road, then ride down.  I would throw my MTB bike in the car, put on my running shoes, and run up the trail part to the gate.  When I got better at this, I would use the trail for both loops – MTB and running.  Sometimes, I ride for time up the road, which often takes me past the gate, and then I run.

The best thing about the Boneyard is that it is super flexible.  This version is the shortest, but there is another connection that would add about 20-30 minutes to your total workout, and then there is the option to do the full Boneyard trail, either on bike or run or both.

I love this in the early morning and see if I can knock it out in under an hour, or take more time and go farther if I have the opportunity.  Morning is the best time to do it before it gets too hot.

Tell me your favorites!  


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