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…so much more.  Seriously, as I wrote up that race report in my last post, I knew change was on the horizon.  We drove home from GJ and I imagined that it might be my last drive through the mesas as we headed home.  Since then, the past 3 weeks have been a blur.

Tomorrow, Mr. Prepared leaves to take on his new job as the GM of Mt. Brighton, a little ski mountain outside metro Detroit (yes, Detroit) in Michigan.  He is going to commute back and forth for a while this summer, and I will stay here in Colorado to sell the house, pack up our things (or supervise the packing of said things- YAY!), and be with the kids.  It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind.  People’s reactions have really run the gamut, from those who give the perfunctory “congratulations” to the people who look at you like you must be mad.  Those people are my favorite, because you can see the fear that motivates them to act that way.  Fear of change.  Fear of new experiences.  Fear of humidity, Midwesterners, or whatever they are thinking of when they screw up their faces in a ball and say, “Why would you leave?” or the sometimes more polite, “Are you ready for this?”  To which my answer would be a resounding “Hell YEAH!”

Yes, I am sad to leave our friends and everything we know here.  No, I don’t really want to leave the mountains of Colorado.  Yes, I love the school the girls attend.  Yes, I like teaching at CMC. But do I crave new experiences and new opportunities? Yes.  Would I try just about anything? Of course. I mean, hell, I did a barre exercise class last week, people.  I took off my shoes (and my feet were stinky!) and did first position, second position, some stuff I don’t even know.  Maybe that was not on the scale of pulling up roots and moving clear across the country to a metropolitan area, but still.  Ballet and I have not exactly had an intimate history heretofore.

Change is good and healthy for everyone.  And how lucky are we to have this beautiful, miraculous opportunity to do something amazing and new?  I can only hope that everyone has the opportunity to embrace changes in their own lives in the way that our family will here in the near future.  Don’t run from change- run toward it!




Comments on: "moving, michigan, and more" (7)

  1. Susan, I love your attitude and outlook, it is beautiful. It does not always mean it is simple, but with change brings challenge,and look at how you get to grow! You will be unspeakably missed…love you!! Kris

  2. Anonymous said:

    My parents are only 20 min from Brighton. That was one of the 1st places I learned to ski at and my 4th grade teacher took me night skiing there once too. Let me know if you need any info for Michigan. Make sure you get to the lakes in the summer. Higgins Lake is where I spent at least a week every summer for 40+ years. That being said can you do the pass on Saturday?

  3. Anonymous said:

    Ok, that was Nancy Clarke who left the previous comment.

  4. melissakoski said:

    Great post. Welcome from a fellow Michigander!

  5. Susan! How exciting. My sister’s husband just took a job in Flint and they are moving from Minneapolis to somewhere near Ann Arbor in August. You guys should hang and then I can see you when I’m visiting!

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