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hello, pretty.

No matter what, I have to admit that I love to workout at 5:30 AM.  I love getting it done, moving on with my day, the fact that it’s light out after I am finished.  But I HATE getting up to do it.  I lay there after the alarm goes off, savoring each nanosecond until I know I have to get out of bed, dreading the freezing coldness of our bedroom.  I try not to make any noise and if I am really ready, I have already put all my stuff in the bathroom so I can change in the light and brush my teeth.  Inevitably, I often forget something and have to stumble into the dark closet where I make a “God-awful amount of noise” (Mr. Prepared’s words) to pick up my sneakers or my backpack.

But I love the end result, so I do it.  Cybercrush will tell you to do what you hate.  I think that is what has happened to me and 5:30 AM.  He says, “Do what you hate.  Learn to love it anyways.”   I mean 9 AM as a workout time is so much sexier and appealing, I will give you that.  But I have work, kids, errands, a million things to do by 9 AM.  And I have learned to love the gritty darkness and flashing orange traffic lights of 5:30 AM.  And the -15 degrees.  That’s my favorite part.  Thank God for seat heaters.

The best part of 5:30 AM?  I haven’t had the time or mental power to come up with an excuse not to do it yet.  If I worked out at 5:30 PM, I could think of a trillion legitimate excuses not to workout.  I know that 5:30 AM is my time before the world comes on like gangbusters.  If I want to reach my goals for 2013, I will do whatever I have to, because achieving my goals would make me oh so happy.  Even just if I could be “positive, patient, and persistent” that would make me oh so happy.  And usually after 5:30 AM workout, I am off to a good start on every goal on my list.


Just sayin’.


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