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a case of “Day 1”-itis

I got it bad.  “Day 1” -itis has infected me, and I am having about as much luck shaking it as last week’s cold.  Every time I post, it’s usually because I have “Day 1” fever.  I think, OK, Susan, today’s Day 1!  NOW you are going to start eating better, logging your food, and working out consistently! This is it!

Sometimes that lasts a day, maybe two or three.  But then something happens that makes me decide that I want candy more than I want to eat celery.  I have talked about various reasons why I eat- stress, boredom, it’s Tuesday… but I am having a hard time pinning down my lack of motivation to overcome these temptations and push on, like even one out of 20 times.  And it’s kind of doubly disappointing because I know that I CAN do it.  I have already done it.  So what’s wrong?

Maybe I don’t want to do the work.  Maybe I don’t believe it can be done.  Maybe I don’t really care.  No one’s here to push me.  Everyone thinks I’m fine just the way I am.

But I’m not fine.  This level of fitness is not satisfactory.  I do want to wear a bikini.  I do care.  My outside voice of cheer and “I love me for me!” needs to start toeing the line with my inner voice that says, “Get your butt out of your comfort heart rate zone and move it.”

true dat.

true dat.

So I did move my butt today at least.  In the gym, on a bike, in the dark while it was still dark outside.  As if one needs more temptation to fall asleep, which wasn’t about to happen- the class was too small for slumber to go unnoticed.  But I sweated and grunted and ran through my internal whine tape and laughed at how hard it was. I told Evil Genius that I would keep up a workout regimen of at least 6 hours a week.  Maybe if we take that number and cut it in half, we might have the amount my ass seems to have settled into.

The next thing I did different was to sign up for an account at, which I have been meaning to check out.  It’s pretty cool, and I like when it tells me things, so I don’t even have to go looking for it, like, “Whoa! Too much sugar today!”  I like the personal challenges too, like swapping beer for tea for a week (sigh).  I will let you know more about it as I try it out.

And if even more drastic measures are called for in the future, like Cold Shower Therapy or something, I will embrace the suck.

And since it’s Day 53 after the first Day 1, I’m not even calling them Day 1 anymore.  So Day 54, look out, because I’m coming for you!


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  1. In my experience reaching my goals had to be tempered with accepting my short comings. Be very happy with yourself a lot more with success and not so critical of your failures.

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