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enjoy the moment

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

 ― Joseph Campbell

A local yoga studio shared this quote on FB the other day and I felt it was kismet that I share it on my blog.  I have to credit a lot of my success in many areas of my life to my incessant planning via calendars, spreadsheets, lists, email reminders, alarms, you name it.  But all the planning leads to all the expectations, and all the disappointment if things don’t go according to the plan.  Some things haven’t really gone the way of “the plan” lately, and I have learned some things and been reminded of some really good things as a result.

Some things about which I was reminded:
1. Breathe, dammit. 😉
2. Everything is going to be fine.
3. There is more to life than the thing/issue/person I am currently obsessing about.
4. What I am currently obsessing about is probably stupid and will resolve itself.
5. No one really wants to hear me whine about what I am currently obsessing about.
6. So stop already and breathe, dammit.

So many wonderful things have happened in my life the past few months, yet I forget to breathe and look at the big picture and appreciate all that I have and everything that has happened to me.  I’ve been reading this book (yup, self-help) called Supercoach and my favorite chapter is entitled “You Were Born Happy”.  The first time I read the title it made me laugh, and then it made me a little sad.  I was thinking, you’re right, I was born happy, what did I do to screw that up?

Maybe it sounds obvious to the rest of the world, but I have to remind myself about 2,374 times a day that I create my experience.  So I can choose to make my experience anything I want it to be… good, bad, sad, indifferent.

Some good things I have learned in the past couple of weeks have been to try to enjoy the moment and be present to people and experiences.  I know it sounds like a yoga infomercial, but those yogis are on to something.  It’s like when my pediatrician asked me how I lost the weight and I said, “You doctors were right. Diet and exercise actually works!”

We had wonderful people in town for a week, and I did try to be present and enjoy all that we got to talk about and do while they were here.  I loved watching our kids play together and hanging out every night.  I even loved skiing on the dirt pathways that were passing for ski runs last week with them.  I loved the chaos of Easter morning and the neighbor’s dog running away with the last egg in the egg hunt.

Life has become much more vibrant, and I know that feeling has been a big change for me in the last few months.  I want to continue to appreciate each moment as much as I can.  Now if I could just throw away my appointment book…


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  1. LOVE THIS! So right on and so inspirational! 🙂

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