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Mom Was Right

So I have hit a bit of a rough patch this week in terms of life and training.  Yesterday, I found out I have shingles.  Yes, the disease of the old and severely immuno-compromised.  No, you do not need to run away screaming from me in terror (unless you are a pregnant woman, infant, or unvaccinated child).  It’s just chicken pox and you cannot get shingles from someone’s shingles.  Mostly, my shingles may be my body’s way of telling me to chill out.  A lot.  Perhaps I should have known that every time I stood up last week and became light-headed.  I thought that was my body telling me to eat more of my mom’s oatmeal raisin cookies.  Bodies can be hard to read, you know?

So perhaps it’s time for some balance in life. I have been dealing with a lot of crap from work, and I have been losing a lot of weight and working out a ton.  I have had really good nutrition, so I can only attribute my shingles to one thing: stress.  I have stressed out my body and my mind.  I know that lots of people deal with more difficult conditions on a daily basis, and I thought I was doing alright, but I guess not.

I will reiterate that living in this valley gives you warped perceptions about how much and how hard you need to work out.  You can’t turn around in this town without bumping into an Ironman or a ultramarathoner (you know, because regular triathlons or marathons are just practice sessions).  Now, I like to work out, and I feel a lot of mental benefit from it.  But there’s a lot of value in taking your cruiser bike out, walking with a friend, and just doing the trampoline with your kids at gymnastics.  That’s something that’s definitely been missing in my life for the last few months.

So today I took my dog for a walk, kicked it with Christine and the kids all day, and tossed back some ice cream and popcorn without guilt or writing it down in my calorie log.  I am hoping for a whole weekend of no worries, easy or no workouts, and quality time with the family.  Although Taylor has brought home the rest of the supplies to finish the kids’ bathroom, so the no worries part may be out before we start.

Losing 25 pounds in 2.5 months has been challenging.  My mom commented that what I was doing might be dangerous or reckless last week when I visited her.  I laughed and then was super annoyed about her comment.  Apparently, she was right.  Which, in the end, is awfully comforting to this mom.

30 more years of knowing what’s best?  I’ll take it.


Comments on: "Mom Was Right" (5)

  1. Jennifer Stiebel said:

    That sucks that you have shingles, my nephew who was 16 at the time has shingles and the kids were not a year yet! We a stayed with them and no chicken poxs for kiddos, so I know you are not contagious, I just hope you are not on too much pain!

  2. McCreary said:

    Love reading ur posts! Hope u feel better soon!!

  3. Susie Q, please take care of yourself. Hope you feel better and can find your balance.

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