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I Passed a Boy…

I passed a boy and I liked it, his look while I passed him,
I passed a boy just to try it, I could tell that he minded it,
He turned around, it felt so right, don’t mean I love to bike,
I passed a boy and I liked it!

I still think I could have a career as a female Weird Al.  What do you think?

I passed a MAN while  I was biking yesterday.  An actual person who looked like he might actually know how to bike.  With real bike clothes and a real road bike.  Probably he was warming down or something, since he turned around after I passed him (psych!)  That would make the number of people I have ever passed total TWO.  The other was an old lady out for a leisurely ride in the middle of a triathlon, so this was infinitely more satisfying.

Of course, since we live in Bike Mecca (see my other post on biking), I am certain this momentous occasion means nothing.  I am certain I will be put in my proper place at the bottom rung of people who know how to operate 2 wheeled machines very soon.  The Bike People are awakening from their winter slumber in Spin class, and soon there will be hordes of people out, not just the tribe of Crazy People Who Bike in Winter.

For now though I am gonna bask in the glow of my biking triumph.  And enjoy this welcome balmy weather! WOW!  Have a great weekend!


Comments on: "I Passed a Boy…" (1)

  1. melissakoski said:

    I say your Wierd Al bit should be a go!

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