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Double Down Friday

When you are playing blackjack one of the most favorable situations arises when you have the opportunity to double down.

OK, so I had to look it up to see if it meant what I thought it meant.  It does, vocabulary fans.  And I was excited to double up on a workout on Friday with Christine.  I even got us matching T-shirts.

We had a little wrench in the plans, though.  Both of us knew going into today that we hadn’t exactly done our best at eating this past week.  For me, it was the worst week since I started logging all my food after Christmas.  This week included nights out, Valentine’s Day dinners, and post-Valentine’s Day candy sales.  I shouldn’t even be allowed in a grocery store from February 15-20.  After a solid last week, I was ready to gamble a little on the nutritional side of things.  Unfortunately, it didn’t pay out.

There were numerous challenges to eating well.   And I pretty much epicly failed at every single one.  And then I would beat myself up about it.  And then there would be another “opportunity”.  And then I failed.  And failed.  And failed, until I found myself scarfing a frosted sugar cookie at 9 PM Thursday night after the most epic fail in teaching I could imagine, which was witnessed by my supervisor during her observation.  Lovely.  After this week, I wanted to curl up in bed under the sheets and wait for my mom to come rub my back and feed me soup.

Needless to say, our trainer was displeased with our (lack of) progress.  And when I use the word displeased, I want you to think about a phrase exponentially more harsh than that, and then you might be in the same neighborhood of understanding how displeased he actually was.

Nevertheless, it was double workout Friday, and I was already there, with clean clothes even, so I decided to get everything I could out of it.  I apologize to the people on Horton St.  It must be weird to see people doing burpees in your cul-de-sac.

In doubling down, the definition says a favorable situation arises when the opportunity presents itself.  It’s a new week, and I’m presented with a new opportunity.  I can pick myself up and choose to succeed.  Because I understand now that there were times this week I chose to fail.  And I am looking forward to a favorable situation arising as a result.

I would love some help this week.  Let me know what helps you pick yourself up, embrace the suck, and move on.


Comments on: "Double Down Friday" (1)

  1. LOVE YOU! I need to double down and then some! HEE HEE! You are a rock star and an inspiration to me, because I am having a hard time getting my butt out of bed and being one of the worst on swim team! This is something new to me, it always came easy and now I am struggling! I’ll keep motivating you, if you return the favor! 🙂
    Just keep swimming, just keep swimming-hee hee

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