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The Big 5-0

So I hit a bit of a milestone today in my weight loss journey.  It’s not a final goal or anything, but as of today I have lost 50 pounds.  I nervously weighed myself this morning, thinking of the salted caramel pudding I had indulged in last night at a friend’s birthday dinner.  It’s one of those rare times you are pleasantly surprised at 5:30 AM.

Losing 50 pounds is no small feat.  When people ask how long it’s taken, I have to sheepishly admit it’s taken about 2 years.  I took some breaks (and backslides) here and there, so I can’t say I have been making a consistent effort for 2 years, but still…it’s been a while.  I have to emphasize the power of a good plan has helped me accelerate this process, but everything has to start with a dream, right?

So my new plan has been to dream big and make a list of those big dreams.  I have been hooked on Joel Runyon’s Blog of Impossible Things this week, which has been awesome inspiration.  I wanted to go out and buy myself something to celebrate my milestone, but I think it is more worthwhile to put together a new list.  Some people call it a bucket list, goal list, etc.  My current working title is Journeys in Awesomeness because I don’t want to just enjoy the finished product, but I want to enjoy the journey to each item as much as I am enjoying the journey I am on right now.


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  1. Way to go Susan! That is awesome! I am trying to stay motivated and focused to start losing baby weight… Again!

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