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So I was really looking forward to a day of doubling up workouts this week, since apparently you can’t just go away for the weekend without pre-punishing yourself for the food and drink you *might* imbibe, at least according to one person with whom I do not see eye to eye about what it means to have fun.  That person being my super-fun trainer, whose idea of a good time would include working out, and then some more recreational working out, and then drinking water at a party.  And perhaps nibbling on a carrot stick.

I got to box today, which was an opportunity to display my usual lack of coordination in a whole new way.  I only got hit once, which my trainer thought was hilarious, even though he admitted that he knew I would forget to duck.  It did bring back some memories of going to hard-core cardio kickboxing in Boulder with Amanda.  After which we would reward ourselves generously with copious amounts of drinks on our usual Thursday trawl across The Hill.  And perhaps some Taco Bell.

Good-bye pre-party Thursday.  Hello “pre-punishment” Thursday.  Sigh.  It’s like I can’t even be trusted.  Which I can’t. And here’s a good example why.

We all know that the biggest eating day of the year besides Christmas is coming up.  And my good friend Christine, who perpetually wants to lead me down the path of eating wickedness, has already planned out everything we are going to eat for the Superbowl.  And I am pretty sure there’s not enough room in my calorie spreadsheet for all the good things she has planned.  Of course, there will be carrots and celery.  They just will be mashed under the wings and blue cheese dressing.  Christine believes that everyone needs to have a day off during the week from eating well, which is OK for her because she works out a ton.  My trainer believes that we need to have a day off (and only 1, mind you) too.  Just not from eating well.  So you can see the dilemma.  I hope you all will weigh in on what I should do for the Superbowl, because watching football is just not the same if it isn’t accompanied by processed cheese and cold beer, wouldn’t you agree?


Comments on: "Thursday Double & Superbowl Sunday Preview" (2)

  1. Christine said:

    That’s right friend, Hot Velveeta with Salsa here we come :). That’s if we rnt snowed in Denver!!!

  2. Anne Johnson said:

    Go for it! It’s only one day, and being a Buffalo girl, you cannot watch the Super Bowl without wings and blue cheese! Besides, what would be the point of being good?! 😉

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