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Lately, I have been on a bit of a quest to look good when I go out and about on the town.  Perhaps something beyond sweatpants and a ponytail.  Not much beyond that, but still.  But I cannot understand how people can look good while they are working out.  I am not sure I am capable of mastering that arena.

I mean, how do two people doing the same exercises look so different?  I will give you an example.  Yesterday I am taking a class of TRX and then some total body fitness.  It’s a ball buster, and I don’t even add on the 40 minutes of spin after the first 80 minutes of class.  By 40 minutes in, my hair has started to come out of the ponytail, frizzies fly out from my headband, and I am sweating fat drops all over the ground in front of me.  Yet, (and this person is a wonderful, smart, and funny, so you can’t even begin to hate her) this other person can manage to make a little frizz look like sexy bedhead.  Perhaps a visual might help, so you can understand the depth of the comparison.


Not only that, but my clothes get all out of whack and my muffin top starts creeping out the bottom of my shirt, and meanwhile, you would think this other person had been lounging and watching TV for the past 45 minutes.  And I am sitting there thinking, I wonder what kind of hair product I need to look like that? 🙂

I will be honest.  Looking good while working out isn’t high on my list.  But if I could manage not to look like a sweaty bison with stretch marks, I would be psyched.


Comments on: "Looking Good While Working Out" (3)

  1. Anne Johnson said:

    If you figure this out, PLEASE POST IT HERE! 🙂

  2. Teresa Sanders said:

    Amen, sister. I have always thought that people that look good working out are somehow cheating…and not fully appreciating the experience! 🙂

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